About Electric Universe Films

Get high end videos, media & marketing collateral for your business without breaking the bank! 

Our approach: Offer video production, photography, web design, graphic design and marketing services, for a price that opens up high end production to more small & medium business in New Yorks Catskills, Capitol Region, Hudson Valley & Beyond!

Simply put, our competition sells a template based websites for $5,000+, while our $5,000 Small Business Package offers a complete website, 2 HD videos, great new photography, graphic design & marketing services!  Everything your business needs for an amazing online image!

We are told our work speaks for itself,
so please watch our videos & have a look around!

Shane Valcich – 15 years of experience in video production, photography, web design & graphic design.
Associate’s degree in Fine Arts & Graphic Design from Columbia Greene CC.

Katie Lenseth – 4 years experience in video production, script writing, public relations & marketing.
Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations with a minor in Business from the College of Saint Rose.


At Electric Universe Films we make amazing videos, build custom web sites, take beautiful photos,
create professional level designs and develop cross-media marketing campaigns.

All done in-house in beautiful Windham NY!

Select a single project from our service catalog or save big with our Small Business Package Deal!

Video Production

Dynamic & informative HD TV advertisements, web videos,  product videos, custom animations & more to make your business stand out from the competition.  We have the tools & expertise to produce videos that get and keep people’s attention.

Equipment Includes:

7 HD Video Cameras, Lighting Kit, Drone, Camera Jib/Crane, Wireless Mics, Steady-Camera System, Underwater Housings, GoPto’s & More

Pricing Information:

Click Here for Pricing Info

Video Production Pricing

Below you will find examples of our video pricing along with details about what features each price range includes and what limitations exist.  While these prices are accurate every project is different so please contact us for a project price or for more information.

  • 30-90 Second HD Video

    Professional Voice Over & Music

    1-4 Hours Pre-Production

    4-8 Hours of Production

    4-8 Hours of Post-Production

    Limited Pre-Production Time for Meetings, Script Writing & Idea Development

    Limited Production Time for Shooting, Lighting, & Production Tools

    Limited Post Production Time For Editing & Graphics

    Limited Video Length, Output Options Due To Limited Time

    Limited Music & Voice Over Options Due To Budget

    No Drone Use Due to Price of Drone & Risk of Damage

  • 30 Second – 15 Minute HD Video

    Longer Professional Voice Over & More Music Options

    Animated Logo Introduction (Basic)

    Drone Video (When/Where Acceptable)

    4 – 16 Hours Pre-Production

    8 – 16 Hours of Production

    8 – 16 Hours of Post-Production

    Time For Higher Video Production Value Through The Use of Camera Crane, Lighting, Wireless Mics & More!

    More Time = Higher Production Value

    Limited Video Length, Output Options Due To Limited Time

    Limited Drone Use Due to Price of Drone & Risk of Damage

  • 30 Second – 2 Hour HD Video

    Feature Length Professional Voice Over Options & Virtually Limitless Music Options

    Animated Introductions & Credits (Advanced)

    16 + Hours Pre-Production

    16 + Hours of Production

    16 + Hours of Post-Production

    More Pre-Production Time for Brainstorming, Script Writing, Meetings & More!

    Time For Highest Video Production Value With Through The Use of Camera Crane, Lighting, Wireless Mics & More!

    Time For Extensive Editing, Revisions & Graphics & More!

    The Larger Your Budget The More Time & Money We Spend Making Your Video or Video’s Amazing!

Web Design

Custom-made or template-based websites with a multitude of features available such as custom contact forms, HD photo slideshows, FLASH features, unique menus, embedded videos, GOOGLE analytics, mobile/tablet versions & more!  

Features Include:

FREE Web Hosting!
With the purchase of a website package from us we provide free hosting for the first 2 years!

FREE Site Updates
When you purchase a website package from us we include all site updates & maintenence for 2 years! Larger site changes or additions locked in at $25/hour for first 6 months!

FREE Domain Name!
When you purchase a website package from us we foot the bill for your domain name for 2 years!

Mobile Optimized:
Your new site will reshape it’s self automatically based on the device it is being viewed on.  This ensures that mobile and tablet users will be able to read your text and navigate your site easily.

Custom or Template Based:
We can build you a custom site from scratch or we can utilize templates based sites allowing you widgets, aps and more.

Client Updatable Content Management System:
We utilize several different Content Management Systems that allow our clients to edit their own websites in whole or in part depending upon what your needs are.   

Embedded Videos:
Videos are not only the customer preferred medium but they are also for Search Engine Optimization! We love to have our videos showcased properly on our clients web sites.

Photo Sliders:
Photo sliders are great ways to showcase your products, sales and more! These not only add great motion to your site, but with CMS options it allows the client an easy way to reach their web site viewers by swapping out the first slide with a sale offer or new product. 

Complex Contact Forms:
A simple contact form allows anyone to easily contact you directly, while a complex contact form can turn a website users fill out some form fields on your site and you get a completed printable PDF in your email.  Speed up the in store process with online forms and more!

Tracking & Analytics:
Tracking and analytics allows you access to in depth and extensive info and records on who visited your site.  Some visible options are location, gender, age range, time, pages visited, time on page and links clicked with access to detailed charts and diagrams on traffic movement and more.


High-end photos of your business, products, services & more for a fraction of the cost of others.  With over 10 years of experience, professional equipment and lighting, these eye-catching photos will be sure to wow you and your customers!

Graphic Design

Our in house graphic design can create almost design and design and order almost any promo item imaginable!

Logos, Layouts, Ads, Crests, Animations, Banner Ads, Website Elements & More

Design & Order:
Flyers, Brochures, Signs, Business Cards, T-Shirts, Stickers, Posters, USB Memory Cards, Pens, Stress Balls, Balloons, Mugs, Pint Glasses & More.

Business Print Items:
Employee Shirts, Custom Banners, Embroidered Hats, Custom Logo Easy Ups, Logo Vinyl Car Graphics, Billboard Design, Custom Logo Notebooks, Form Design & More.

We also offer all types of photo retouching & editing utilizing Adobe Photoshop CS6 with over 15 years of experience .  

Electric Universe – Video, Web, Photo & More! Mobile Electric Universe – Video, Web, Photo & More! Mobile


Electric Universe – Video, Web, Photo & More! Mobile

After we create your video, website or advertisement, we can get your content to your target audience through ad placement, mail campaigns, TV/web advertisements, online marketing (facebook, YouTube, etc.), Search Engine Optimization & more.

Traditional & Print:
TV Commercials
Print Ad Design
Radio Ad Creation
Mail Campaigns
Poster, Flyer & Rack Card Creation
And More!

E-Mail Campaigns
YouTube Commercials
Digital Banner Advertisements
FaceBook Marketing Campaigns
And More!

$5,000 Small Business Package

Get everything you need to create a new or update your business’s existing marketing collateral & campaigns.

New Site + New Videos + New Photos + New Designs + Marketing 

Electric Universe – Video, Web, Photo & More! Mobile

Contact Us

Contact us with our easy contact form, e-mail or call us at (518) 669-3228.

Electric Universe – Video, Web, Photo & More! Mobile

(518) 669-3228

Electric Universe – Video, Web, Photo & More! Mobile


Electric Universe – Video, Web, Photo & More! Mobile

5327 Main St.
Windham New York 12496